Our Equipment

  • harmonizer h-1

    Harmonizer H-1

    The Harmonizer H-1 is designed to be use constantly and individually. This device has a cylindrical shape. Click on Harmonizer H-1 to read more.

  • harmonizer h2y

    Harmonizer H-2Y

    This device employs for wide spectrum of purpose and helping people to retrieve their health. Click on Harmonizer H-2Y to read more.

  • Harmonizer H-6

    Harmonizer H-6

    Harmonizer H-6 similar to H-1 and H-2Y, but has 26 Blocks of Memory and use for large and mass application. Click on Harmonizer H-6 to read more.

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T&L Health Management Center opened in January 2010 as an affiliate of Healing Center, which privately owned by Medical Researcher Anatoliy Lutchevich.  This Center has been successfully practicing self-restoration program for human body for more than 10 years. Center is located in Stavropol, Russia.

The Houston Center is only one in Texas where we use this unique technique and equipment.

Our Practitioner Tatyana Martin is a Professor and Doctor of Technology and also holds a Psychology certificate.

She works as a Professor more than 20 years.  Last year she had been at Lutchevich Center for three weeks to practice with his self-restoration program.

She speaks three languages: English, Russian and Ukrainian.

As a motivated practitioner she helps people any age to restore their health and surprise them wonderful life without medication and painful surgery.