Our Equipment

  • harmonizer h-1

    Harmonizer H-1

    The Harmonizer H-1 is designed to be use constantly and individually. This device has a cylindrical shape. Click on Harmonizer H-1 to read more.

  • harmonizer h2y

    Harmonizer H-2Y

    This device employs for wide spectrum of purpose and helping people to retrieve their health. Click on Harmonizer H-2Y to read more.

  • Harmonizer H-6

    Harmonizer H-6

    Harmonizer H-6 similar to H-1 and H-2Y, but has 26 Blocks of Memory and use for large and mass application. Click on Harmonizer H-6 to read more.

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Technology and Equipment Research for Improving Your Health

This paragraph contains a brief description of the study of this unique Information technology and equipment that we use in our Center.

 Information technology exists as a part of science which studies an information component of a matter. As you can read the first words in a Bible: « In the beginning there was a word » means information, or other words -the program for creation univese. Many times we ask ourselves “Is it possible that Universe came into existence spontaneous?” And should answer: “Not”.  It should be the special program to this very complicated and rationally creation. People understand physical world, but it is difficult to understand what it is non-material world and interconnection between them. Especially we cannot imagine the WORLD with zero and infinity parameters of the non-material information.  Scientists of all worlds try to develop knowledge   of existence and recognize espousal non-material information on the matter.  Knowledge of interconnection non-material information and physical world help mankind to develop laws for better and healthy life.

In a government supported study in 1977, Phil Allen in Energy, Matter and Form stated that "[s]since our bodies act as communication devices, we are constantly receiving and transmitting information coded into energy signals. Changes in our bioenergy field signal the onset of disease before it occurs physically." The assumption is that since symptoms have their roots in the energetic system, if the energetic imbalances are determined, and substances are found that restore balance in those areas, the body’s own systems can be stimulated to resolve the symptoms.

Practical development of this information technology study was successfully intruded in the Healing Center of Russia by Medical Researcher Anatoliy Lutsevich. He creates an unique method and equipment for self-restoration human body and at this time there are not equivalents in world.

Full Scientists research of this problem you can read in article: NON-MATERIAL NFORMATION IN THE UNIVERSE.