Our Equipment

  • harmonizer h-1

    Harmonizer H-1

    The Harmonizer H-1 is designed to be use constantly and individually. This device has a cylindrical shape. Click on Harmonizer H-1 to read more.

  • harmonizer h2y

    Harmonizer H-2Y

    This device employs for wide spectrum of purpose and helping people to retrieve their health. Click on Harmonizer H-2Y to read more.

  • Harmonizer H-6

    Harmonizer H-6

    Harmonizer H-6 similar to H-1 and H-2Y, but has 26 Blocks of Memory and use for large and mass application. Click on Harmonizer H-6 to read more.

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The human being is the best adapted creation on Earth. Yet people all too often fall prey to stress, poor diet, a motionless lifestyle and over-medication. The results are allergy, chronic disease, cardiovascular risk, diabetes, weight gain, and other conditions. Classic medicine often treats only the symptoms and individual organ instead of the body as an organic whole. T&L Health Management Center employs a methodology which focuses on the human body's potential for self-restoration.

T&L Health Management Center provides and guides people to achieve their health and wellness goals. All complex unique technology and equipment that we use in our Center gives people (adult and children) an opportunity to self-heal from various illnesses. The healing process is self-generated and specific to individual's body and its ability to heal without outside intervention. Discover what your body can do.

T&L Health Management Center.-Committed to providing his clients with the knowledge and care needed to improve the overall health of the body, taking the time to reach out, get to know his clients while creating an environment where they can ask questions and seek answers.

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